Many have attempted to explain it, in a thousand different ways. Yet, the concept is still difficult to grasp. No one definition can encompass something as vast and varied as there are people on this earth. Why? It is often misnamed as an end result or product, when it is actually more of a component or substance. It is often asked of us, “what is your passion?”, but that can’t truly be answered. Why? Because it’s as personal as your fingerprint, a main ingredient of our capacity to love, a crucial component of our ability to care. It’s the one word you see without a need to be said. You wear it on your face. It is put on full display through our actions. It is fuel.

What we think about or deem worthy of our time & attention quickly becomes a cause—a personal movement—when infused with it. It is a conductive material carrying spark to action, and without it you aren’t truly defined. You are headed toward nothing, floating in dead-space until an outside force changes your course.

Find your passion. Fuel your actions. Choose your direction.